D-Star Repeater

 Description: In April 2012, the Morgan County ARES group applied to the Utah State Division of Emergency Management to obtain a complete set of D-Star repeater equipment for installation within the county. It was intended to be used by amateur operators in support of emergencies and disasters by linking with other D-Star repeaters installed throughout the state. Then, obtaining the additional accessory equipment needed to operate and control the repeater took longer than anticipated. Also, application had to be made for a unique call sign and a trustee found for the repeater. Along the way, the Morgan Amateur Radio Club was formed, took responsibility for the repeater maintenance, provided a volunteer trustee, and “loaned” its call sign to the repeater. After much work assembling the components and with much help from knowledgeable members of the Bridgerland Amateur Radio Club (BARC), the repeater received the needed programming and was put on the air in January 2015. In approximately November 2015, the computer, that allows the repeater to be a Gateway to the internet, was damaged by a power outage. It has been repaired and the repeater is currently connected to the internet. An UPS system has been installed to prevent such damage in the future.

Location: Morgan County backup EOC, located in the lower floor of the Morgan Search and Rescue building on Mahogany Ridge Road.

Call Sign: KM7ARC

Frequencies: 2 Meters 145.1625 MHz (digital voice “C” Node)
                       70 Centimeters 447.9625 MHz (digital voice “B” Node).

Morgan Repeater KM7ARC Front         Morgan Repeater KM7ARC Back